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English language arts courses at Princeton OHS hone in on developing both comprehension and writing skills. Further, the language arts courses build students' abilities as critical thinkers. Browse our language arts offerings below!

ENG010: English 9

ENG010: Honors English 9

ENG011: English 10 

ENG011: Honors English 10 

ENG012: English 11 

ENG012: Honors English 11 

ENG013: English 12 

ENG013: Honors English 12

ENG014: Journalism 

ENG014: Honors Journalism

ENG015: Creative Writing

ENG015: Honors Creative Writing

ENG016: Poetry

ENG016: Honors Poetry

ENG017: Essay writing

ENG017: Honors Essay writing

ENG018: Mythology 

ENG018: Honors Mythology

ENG019: CLCS American Literature 

ENG020: CLCS World Literature 

ENG021: CLCS Contemporary Literature

ENG022: Public Speaking

ENG022: Honors Public Speaking

ENG023: CLCS Composition 

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