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At the Princeton OHS, students complete their classes online via the Pangea Portal OLS. Though classes at the Princeton OHS are self-paced, we offer a multitude of individual teacher support opportunities including live help labs, on-demand tutoring, and more!

Learning From Home

Freshman Year

Girl Reading a Book

In the Freshman year at Princeton OHS, students begin their high school journey. Given POHS' flexible course program, we allow students to take courses in each of the core course areas at various levels, helping us cater effectively for our diverse student body

Sophomore Year


Students continue to develop their skills and knowledge in the sophomore year at the Princeton OHS. Because Princeton OHS caters to many students with highly diverse interests, students often progress to advanced courses more rapidly in certain areas than others.

Junior Year

Writing on a Notebook

Aside from completing coursework, students in their junior year at the Princeton OHS work with dedicated college counselors who help students in transitioning successfully to the next stage in their education.

Senior Year

Working Outdoors

In their senior year, students continue to complete coursework whilst also submitting college applications with the help of their dedicated college counselor. At the end of the year, all seniors are heartily invited to an in-person high school graduation ceremony.

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