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From Algebra I through to Combinatorics, the math courses at Princeton OHS help students develop a unique way of thinking about and solving problems. Check out our mathematics offerings below!

MTH006: Algebra I 

MTH006: Honors Algebra I

MTH007: Geometry 

MTH007: Honors Geometry

MTH008: Algebra II 

MTH008: Honors Algebra II

MTH009: Precalculus & Trig. 

MTH009: Honors Precalculus & Trig.

MTH010: Calculus I & II

MTH010: Honors Calculus I & II

MTH011: Calculus III 

MTH011: Honors Calculus III 

MTH012: Stat. & Probability

MTH012: Honors Stat. & Probability

MTH014: CLCS Calculus

MTH015: CLCS Probability & Statistics

MTH021: CLCS Linear Algebra

MTH022: CLCS Real Analysis I

MTH023: CLCS Real Analysis II 

MTH024: CLCS Multivariable Calculus 

MTH025: CLCS Combinatorics 

MTH026: CLCS Vector Calculus 

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