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Natural science courses at the Princeton OHS show students the world of biology, chemistry, physics, and earth science. Take a look at our science offerings below!

SCI002: Biology

SCI002: Honors Biology

SCI003: Chemistry

SCI003: Honors Chemistry

SCI004: Physics

SCI004: Honors Physics

SCI005: Earth Science

SCI005: Honors Earth Science

SCI007: Astronomy

SCI007: Honors Astronomy

SCI008: Environmental Science 

SCI008: Honors Environmental Science

SCI009: Genetics 

SCI009: Honors Genetics

SCI010: Organic chemistry

SCI010: Honors Organic chemistry

SCI011: Physical chemistry

SCI011: Honors Physical chemistry

SCI013: Thermodynamics

SCI013: Honors Thermodynamics 

SCI014: Quantum mechanics 

SCI014: Honors Quantum mechanics

SCI015: Solid state physics

SCI015: Honors Solid state physics

SCI016: Quantum field theory

SCI016: Honors Quantum field theory 

SCI017: Molecular Biology 

SCI017: Honors Molecular Biology 

SCI020: Geology

SCI020: Honors Geology

SCI021: Atmospheric Science

SCI021: Honors Atmospheric Science 

SCI022: Biochemistry

SCI022: Honors Biochemistry 

SCI023: Oceanography

SCI023: Honors Oceanography

SCI024: CLCS Biology 

SCI025: CLCS Chemistry 

SCI026: CLCS Physics 

SCI027: CLCS Earth Science

SCI028: CLCS Astronomy

SCI029: Anatomy & Physiology

SCI029: Honors Anatomy & Physiology

SCI036: CLCS Geology

SCI037: CLCS Anatomy & Physiology

SCI038: Epidemiology

SCI038: Honors Epidemiology 

SCI039: Forensic Science

SCI039: Honors Forensic Science 

SCI040: CLCS Environmental Science 

SCI041: CLCS Oceanography

SCI042: CLCS Analytical Chemistry 

SCI043: CLCS Neuroscience

SCI044: CLCS Dynamics and Relativity 

SCI045: CLCS Electromagnetism 

SCI046: CLCS Quantum Hall Effect 

SCI047: CLCS Relativity & Cosmology 

SCI048: CLCS String Theory 

SCI049: CLCS Supersymmetry

SCI050: CLCS Particle Physics 

SCI051: CLCS Gauge Theory & Solitons

SCI052: CLCS Kinetic Theory

SCI053: CLCS Statistical Physics

SCI054: CLCS Microbiology 

SCI055: Botany 

SCI055: Honors Botany 

SCI056: Plant Anatomy & Physiology

SCI056: Honors Plant Anatomy & Physiology 

SCI057: CLCS Ecology 

SCI058: CLCS Evolutionary & Developmental Biology 

SCI059: CLCS Computational Biology 

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