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Our social studies courses allow students to explore history, geography, economics, sociology, anthropology, and more - all whilst developing crucial critical thinking skills. Take a look at our social studies offerings below!

HST001: World History

HST001: Honors World History

HST002: US History

HST002: Honors US History

HST003: Economics

HST003: Honors Economics

HST004: Sociology

HST004: Honors Sociology

HST005: Politics & Governance

HST005: Honors Politics & Governance

HST006: Democracy

HST006: Honors Democracy 

HST007: Communism & Capitalism

HST007: Honors Communism & Capitalism

HST008: Art History

HST008: Honors Art History

HST009: Music History

HST009: Honors Music History

HST010: Literary History

HST010: Honors Literary History

HST011: Religious History

HST011: Honors Religious History

HST012: Philosophical History

HST012: Honors Philosophical History

HST013: Christianity

HST013: Honors Christianity 

HST014: Islam

HST014: Honors Islam

HST015: South and East Asian Philosophy

HST015: Honors South and East Asian Philosophy 

HST016: Hinduism & Buddhism

HST016: Honors Hinduism & Buddhism

HST017: Indian Philosophy

HST017: Honors Indian Philosophy

HST018: Judaism

HST018: Honors Judaism

HST019: River Valley Civilisations

HST019: Honors River Valley Civilisations

HST020: Egyptology

HST020: Honors Egyptology

HST021: Ancient Asian Monarchies

HST021: Honors Ancient Asian Monarchies 

HST022: European History

HST022: Honors European History

HST023: Psychology

HST023: Honors Psychology

HST024: Criminal/Forensic Psychology

HST024: Honors Criminal/Forensic Psychology 

HST025: Clinical psychology

HST025: Honors Clinical psychology

HST026: Cognitive psychology

HST026: Honors Cognitive psychology

HST027: Psychology in history

HST027: Honors Psychology in history

HST028: Medieval history

HST028: Honors Medieval history

HST029: Premodern history

HST030: Renaissance in Italy

HST030: Honors Renaissance in Italy

HST031: Imperial Organisation

HST031: Honors Imperial Organisation

HST032: Colonialism

HST032: Honors Colonialism

HST033: World War I

HST033: Honors World War I

HST034: World War II 

HST034: Honors World War II 

HST035: Industrialisation

HST035: Honors Industrialisation

HST036: Modern World

HST036: Honors Modern World

HST037: CLCS World History

HST038: CLCS US History

HST039: CLCS American Government

HST040: CLCS Art History

HST041: CLCS Music History 

HST042: CLCS Psychology

HST052: Adolescent Psychology

HST052: Honors Adolescent Psychology

HST053: CLCS Economics

HST054: CLCS Microeconomics

HST055: CLCS Macroeconomics

HST056: CLCS Sociology

HST057: CLCS Anthropology 

HST058: CLCS Political Science 

HST059: Big History

HST059: Honors Big History 

HST060: Linguistics 

HST060: Honors Linguistics

HST061: Cultural Anthropology

HST061: Honors Cultural Anthropology

HST062: Physical Anthropology

HST062: Honors Physical Anthropology

HST063: Archaeology

HST063: Honors Archaeology

HST064: Lifespan Development

HST064: Honors Lifespan Development 

HST065: Sport Psychology

HST065: Honors Sport Psychology

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