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Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya

Princeton OHS offers courses in over 30 different languages, lending students great choice with regard to which language they wish to explore. Take a look at our world language courses below!

WLG001: Latin I 

WLG002: Spanish I 

WLG003: Latin II

WLG004: Spanish II 

WLG005: Chinese I

WLG006: Chinese II 

WLG007: German I

WLG008: German II 

WLG009: Italian I

WLG010: Italian II 

WLG011: Russian I 

WLG012: Russian II 

WLG013: Portuguese I 

WLG014: Portuguese II

WLG015: Hungarian I 

WLG016: Hungarian II 

WLG017: French I 

WLG018: French II 

WLG019: Hindi I

WLG020: Hindi II

WLG021: Arabic I

WLG022: Arabic II 

WLG023: Japanese I 

WLG024: Japanese II 

WLG027: Ancient Greek I 

WLG028: Ancient Greek II 

WLG029: Hieroglyphics

WLG030: Cuneiform

WLG031: Amharic I

WLG032: Amharic II

WLG033: Bulgarian I

WLG034: Bulgarian II

WLG035: Cambodian I

WLG036: Cambodian II

WLG037: Cantonese I

WLG038: Cantonese II

WLG039: Chinyanja I

WLG040: Chinyanja II

WLG041: Czech I

WLG042: Czech II

WLG043: Finnish I

WLG044: Finnish II

WLG045: Fula I

WLG046: Fula II

WLG047: Hausa I

WLG048: Hausa II

WLG049: Hebrew I

WLG050: Hebrew II

WLG051: Igbo I

WLG052: Igbo II

WLG053: Kirundi I

WLG054: Kirundi II

WLG055: Kituba I

WLG056: Kituba II

WLG057: Korean I

WLG058: Korean II

WLG059: Lao I

WLG060: Lao II

WLG061: Lingala I

WLG062: Lingala II

WLG063: Luganda I

WLG064: Luganda II

WLG065: Moré I

WLG066: Moré II

WLG067: Norwegian I

WLG068: Norwegian II

WLG069: Persian I

WLG070: Persian II

WLG071: Polish I

WLG072: Polish II

WLG073: Romanian I

WLG074: Romanian II

WLG075: Serbo-Croatian I

WLG076: Serbo-Croatian II

WLG077: Shona I

WLG078: Shona II

WLG079: Sinhala I

WLG080: Sinhala II

WLG081: Swahili I

WLG082: Swahili II

WLG083: Swedish I

WLG084: Swedish II

WLG085: Tagalog I

WLG086: Tagalog II

WLG087: Thai I

WLG088: Thai II

WLG089: Turkish I

WLG090: Turkish II

WLG091: Twi I

WLG092: Twi II

WLG093: Vietnamese I

WLG094: Vietnamese II

WLG095: Yoruba I

WLG096: Yoruba II

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