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Welcome to Bright Star!

Bright Star Virtual Academy offers your child an excellent online British curriculum. Our curriculum allows children from reception through Sixth form to excel in their studies. Bright Star Virtual Academy provides a range of full-time enrollment options and gives students access to a vibrant online school community.


We pride ourselves in being able to offer a rigorous curriculum which follows the British curriculum taught in independent and public schools throughout the United Kingdom. Designed around the England's National Curriculum, Bright Star Virtual Academy offers a KS1 curriculum for students aged 5-7, a KS2 curriculum for students aged 7-11, a KS3 curriculum for students aged 11-14, a KS4 curriculum for students aged 14-16, and a KS5 curriculum for students aged 16-18. Students prepare for the GCSEs at Bright Star throughout years 9, 10, and 11, and prepare for their A levels in years 12 & 13.

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