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About Us

Your Child Is in Great Hands

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Throughout our online nursery, the Montessori spirit and attitude thrives. As is central to any successful Montessori program, Rainbow Montessori combines careful observation of the child on part of the instructor with collaborative activities which allow the instructor to carefully nurture the student and guide them forward in their exploration of how the world around them functions.

Despite being online, Rainbow Montessori still places much weight on one of the key tenets of Montessori learning - the tactile component. Through regular physical material shipments, students across the globe can complete various Montessori activities used in schools throughout the globe.


Rainbow Montessori strives for the highest level of educational excellence in all of its courses. In order to maintain this educational standard and continue to grow, we are accredited by various bodies.

Rainbow Montessori is accredited by the Global Education Accrediting Commission (GEAC). The GEAC has some of the highest standards for accreditation amongst accrediting bodies. The GEAC website can be found here.

Rainbow Montessori is also accredited by cogito, a learning-centric accrediting body. cogito is a division of T4N Education.

A Vietnamese girl studying online at home


Both in terms of virtual learning and Montessori, the leadership and instructional staff at Rainbow Montessori each bring with them an impressive amount of experience. As a project of the Pangea Virtual Education Group, a global leader in online education solutions, our connection and experience in the distance education is highly evident. As the success of other virtual education institutions in the Pangea Group indicates, our team brings with it a great depth of knowledge of the workings of online education.

Each of the members of our instructional team has multiple years of experience with the Montessori method as seen in physical classrooms globally, which, combined with our knowledge about virtual education, makes us adept at adapting the highly successful Montessori method to the digital age.

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