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About the Proton School

Through our well-rounded curriculum, we help students in grades K-12 have access to a STEM-focused curriculum. Through our programs, we empower creative and logical thinkers around the globe to become change-makers of the future.


The Proton School strives for the highest level of educational excellence in all of its courses. In order to maintain this educational standard and continue to grow, we are accredited by various bodies.

The Proton School is accredited by the Global Education Accrediting Commission (GEAC), a division of T4N Education. The GEAC has some of the highest standards for accreditation amongst accrediting bodies. All of our courses are GEAC approved.

The Proton School is also accredited by cogito, a learning-centric accrediting body. cogito is a division of T4N Education.

The Proton School facilitates a streamlined accreditation process for families using Proton School curriculum and instruction as full-time students at a per-family fee through the Home-Based Educators Accrediting Association, a MN recognized accrediting body which has been in operation since 1989.

Extended Learning in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

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