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The Proton School

K-12 STEM School

Empowering students through STEM

It’s Never Too Early to Start Learning

Our unique course offerings give students access to a full K-12 curriculum with a strong STEM focus. Students are introduced to the world of STEM from grade K to ensure that students are able to successfully enter an increasingly STEM-focused world.

The Proton School offers both single courses and full-time enrollment options. The overall school structure follows that of the American system, though we have greatly adapted the traditional American curriculum to complement our STEM focus.

Beginning in grade K, students are continuously introduced to topics across the sciences, studying biology, chemistry, physics, and earth science.

In order to ensure students' success in an increasingly digital world, concepts such as coding and computer science are introduced at a young age at the Proton School.

The Proton School offers various programs which hone in to develop students' skills in thinking creatively and coming up with unique solutions as part of our engineering offerings.

At the Proton School, math is treated as a gateway to the world of logical thinking. That is why strong math foundations are emphasized throughout the grade levels offered at the Proton School.

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