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The Kensington School welcomes driven and motivated students from across the globe looking to pursue a high quality British secondary education through a British international online school.

Application & Entrance Exams

The admissions cycle at the Kensington School goes from the beginning of January to the end of March. All applications must be submitted within this frame. To initiate the application process, students must use our application portal (linked below). We charge a $50 application fee, and your application includes two required essay prompts. The application fee is waived for eligible students by emailing

Once you have completed your application, we will reach out with the 11+ or 13+ test date for your region as well as the physical testing locations available. Students who receive an eligible 11+ or 13+ test score will be called forward for an interview by the end of May. The school year at the Kensington School begins in September.

South Kensington London Mews

Tuition & Fees

Students may take courses through the Kensington School as either a part-time or full-time student. Part-time students pay tuition on a per-course basis, whereas full-time students pay a flat tuition rate. Currently, our tuition rates are:

  • Part-Time (per course): $6,000

  • Full-Time: $26,500

Our tuition includes all school materials. Financial aid options are available for eligible students, and information regarding eligibility and scope of the financial aid program may be found by emailing

Solely on the basis of the strength of a candidate's application, and not their socioeconomic status, the Kensington School may award full or partial scholarships to certain students based on exemplary achievements.

The only fee charged outside of tuition is a $50 application fee, which can be waived for eligible students by emailing

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